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Hi Ross,
               Just a quick update.  I have played 2 competitions in the last 2 days  won one of them with 38 stableford points and had 36 points in the second competition.  I should have had 40 plus points in both competitions.  My driving has improved immensely my right miss has been very much reduced and I am possibly even longer than before. I know I couldn't have your method perfected in such a short time but I "feel" as if I am swinging like you teach for every shot.  What actually cost me shots in the last 2 competitions was my distance control from 120yds in.  I kept leaving myself 20ft plus birdie putts where you would be hoping to have 10ft putts.  This led to unrealistic birdie chances.  Have you any tips for controlling yardages from 120yds in.  I am usually to long with my approach shots.


Hi Martin
With my method, your downswing “rotation speed” will affect distance.  Do not confuse this with not completing the rotation.  We always turn completely through (knees touching, up on back toe), BUT … you can turn through slower or faster for different distances and results.  Essentially, you have to practice different speeds that you completely rotate… ALSO, different amounts of shoulder turn or wind up on the backswing, with complete rotation through to the finish, produce a variety of results.

One other option (in conjunction for control), is to choke down the shaft.  All these take practice, but will make you in to a far superior player.

I noticed in the videos (50 yd.pitch and chipping)that you grip down to the steel.Is that by design?

Moving less and getting better....[thumb]
It is part of my setup adjustments based on experience.  It is a form of "fine tuning".  I know the shorter the length of the shaft = shorter radius = less distance = more control (in general).  What that all means to me ... if I choke down, I can be more aggressive with a smaller radius.  I feel "less can go wrong".

I've also practiced with feel for distance and ball result (after it lands), at different choke down lengths.

All golfer's would probably benefit if they learned to choke down (as an option). 

Another reason is when you're in between clubs.  Let's say you need a bit more than your 8 iron will cover.  You can take a 7 iron and choke down the shaft (maybe 1"), and get the shaft length of the 8 iron, but with the loft of the 7 ... result = a bit more length.  You must practice these to see how the results vary. These are advanced "fine tuning" techniques.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks Ross ,
I appreciate your response and makes sense.I will add to routine and practice.I have noticed more control on chips and pitches.
Moving less and getting better....[thumb]

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