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Hi Ross,

I joined some time back but have yet to submit my swing video . . . should be coming in the near future. The reason for this is that using your methods, which I found so easy to implement, I really did not see the need to have you see my swing (at least not yet).

I have never hit the ball so pure and straight as I have been lately using your methods. All my clubs just seem so easy to hit consistently. However, I am having a little trouble understanding the video about hitting a "draw" or "cut/fade". For example, when hitting a draw (closed stance with slightly closed clubface) do you swing along your closed body line or the target line? Does this make sense the way I am expressing it? Anyway, I am so happy I am finally hitting the ball straight and far and just want to be able to hit draws and fades when necessary. Thanks so much.

Great to hear about your improvement Jim.

You are exactly right.  You will always swing along your body lines. 

For your draw, you closed the club face a bit before your closed your grip.  Assuming you then setup with the club face at the target. Your body lines, (automatically) were slightly closed to your target line (because your pre-closed the club face).

Now, the ball will go where the face is pointed, but since your body lines are closed to your target, an in-to-out path occurs.  The ball draws because the face is closed to the path (since we swing along our body lines). This is like "English" on a pool ball producing side spin.  All this without having to mess with ball position or manipulate the hands.  Once learned, the amount of influence (draw/cut), can be controlled easier for a more predictable outcome.

Now this takes commitment and practice.  Also, different clubs/lofts produce different amounts of effect.  Much more difficult to produce a cut with SW vs. a 4 iron. because of the loft.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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