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In order to keep the club face square on woods and driver don't you recommend a strong grip?

Hi Jack
Everyone is different.  I think the terms “strong” and “weak” are too vague.  As long as the front hand, has the pad at the base of the baby finger, “on top” of the shaft and the shaft is aligned with the arm, you can then just add the back hand for comfort and support… then we let the shoulders and body do the work.  What I just described, usually sets the club in a slightly strong grip (by some golfer’s standards).  

The key is ... we maintain that setup shape, on the backswing, back down into impact, so we are not too concerned ... like traditional golf instruction, that uses “pre setting the grip” one way or another to influence how the club face will return through impact.  That is not repeatable.  We can just setup square, with the shaft in perfect position,  maintain that shape, and hit solid, straight shots.  Now… if the shots are not solid and straight, something else is the problem and we want to address that… not tweak the grip.  

One other idea on this, is that you can “tweak” the leading edge a bit open or closed, before you close your grip the club, to fine tune direction.


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