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Hey Ross,
Went to the range and worked on what you said.  On the follow through - should my left wrist ever break?  My left wrist was facing to the sky in the follow through.  Was getting the feeling of compression at impact.


Hi Anthony

Your left wrist will eventually release (later in the swing, after the body’s rotation finishes and can not turn any more). 

For now… don’t concern yourself with releasing (that is part of the problem, releasing way too soon).  Focus on holding the flat to bowed out front wrist, all the way to the finish... for your short shots only.

The front wrist, as you keep turning and your chest comes up to face the target and finish your rotation, will point left, not up at the sky.  For these drills, the shaft should still be in line with the front arm.  You are learning how to keep the impact shape through impact to the finish.  Again, don’t try to make this into a longer shot, so you can groove this move through impact with short shots.  When you are finished, your forearms should be equal height out in front of you, parallel to the ground.

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