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Hi Ross
In your other videos demonstrating the other shots, your rhythm is so smooth and fluid, was curious to see if you were as smooth and fluid out of the green side bunker.


Hi Mike

Mike, that “fluid” look comes when the Large Muscles take control in both directions… the swing becomes “continuous”.  The body unwinds bringing the arms/club down and around, as the body is turning… THAT is what makes it fluid.  The “Ross Move” describes this.  If there is the slightest bit of “hit at” using the hands or arms helping, THE BODY STOPS ROTATING and takes a supportive role and that looks awkward and choppy. 

A Quarterback throwing a long pass looks fluid because, the body unwinds completely/continuously, bringing his arm back in front of him and he lets go.  A Baseball player looks effortless hitting it out of the park, when he actually uses his body’s mass unwinding, in conjunction with the front arm/bat, as he makes contact with the ball turning through.  This is why I call my method more “athletic”.  I could see this in other sports, but not very often in the golf swing… or by accident on a great solid shot.

If you want more fluidity, make sure your body is still rotating through impact, pulling the arm “template” through the sand.  If the body stops, the arms/hand will take over (not good)... or, in other words, if the swing looks choppy, you let your hands/arms take over and THAT, made the body stop rotating (again, not good).


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