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I have noticed with my normal set up with shaft in line etc my left wrist is cupped implying a grip with the left thumb to the right of centre. In order to achieve a flat left wrist i.e. back of left wrist facing target and looking like a continuation of back of left arm I have to weaken my grip which ends up with the left thumb at the centre or slightly in front of the centre of the shaft (I would say for driver/woods the grip has to be slightly weaker than irons as the ball is further forwards).

My the flat left wrist a desirable feature which should really be a standard part of the set up or would you continue with the cupping? I guess this cupping is a throwback from my old swing where I took a fairly strong grip. The shots I have tried with the flat left wrist have generally been to the right but this could probably be overcome with further use and practice. Looking forward to your take on this Ross....Cheer's davew
Flat front wrist is ideal*, because we want it to be just like we need it at impact.  Cupped would be slightly flipped bck at impact or you'd have to adjust it during the swing so the front wrist would be flat (or a bit bowed out okay too) at impact.

*FYI... sometimes my front wrist is not flat or completely in line with the front arm, because just before I start, I forward press to put it that way, then the shoulders start the backswing (40 year habit).  I teach my new students to just setup with the shaft already in line and set to not have a need for the forward press.  A forward press can be a bit inconsistent (press too little or too much).

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