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I just shot under par for the first time this past weekend 2 under. 69..  Thanks to you and your method!  Driver is not consistent, I dropped down to my cobra long tom 2 wood and hit every fairway.  It has only taken 57 YEARS but I did it! 


Hi Jeff
Great news.  You know less that 2% of all golfers can shoot in the 70’s so sub par is very special.  WTG.  The reason your score improved, was you changed from Driver to something that can get you in play and you trust.  This is like Jason Day and his 2 iron.  Scoring has really nothing to do with how far you hit it… it’s about not making mistakes or taking a shot you’re not sure will work.  

You should be able to get Driver in play too.  You might try using driver and “placing” your shots to see how close to the middle of the fairway you can get vs. how far you can hit it… give it a “length” like hitting an 8 iron (you wouldn’t want to blow a 8 iron over the green trying to hit it as far as you can)… get that same thought with Driver... "Place it"


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