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Do you use the same method with your fairway woods as u do with your driver or do use the iron method u teach. Been through all the videos and don't see one on fairway woods. Starting using keeping face square and turn to Target seems to work good. Thanks
Yes.  All swings for every shot move the same.  You may setup different for different lies, conditions or results.  

Now, the term fairway woods is too general anymore.  The only real difference is whether you meet the ball at the bottom of the swing arc (for like 3 wood), or just before the bottom (higher lofted woods/hybrids).  There is not much difference... and when in doubt, meet the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.

What changes more (between clubs), is the width of the stance and you have to figure that out on your own for how you rotate and what is comfortable.  You can watch  "Ball Position & Front Hip Rotation" for more.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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