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Move Less ... Get Good!

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At address I stick out my left, leading, knee just a half-inch more than the normal flex. I keep that knee position through your recommended backswing and at the top I snap it straight back. This gets me turning quickly and more in a barrel. Clearly my bat speed has increased and I am getting better ball contact because of the more concise turn. 

Note: more than a hair of extra flex causes me to leap up and top the ball, something I am great at...

This requires a great deal more refinement and may only work for me, and might stop working altogether, but early returns are promising. And maybe other golfers do this without thinking. 

Some of your videos make me think you may do this to some extent. Any comments? 
First, if it works... do it!  If it stops working, or causes other issues, you might consider going back to what you had.

Second, I know exactly what you're describing.  I remember doing the same thing about 15 years ago.  What I found was... yes, I added distance, but at the sacrifice of control (both direction & distance*) and balance. I also was concerned about the "toll" it would take on my front knee and front hip.  I found I was spinning more on my front "heel" vs. to the "outside" of my front foot.

* Direction was not much of a change for me, but distance inconsistencies were dramatic.  Remember, golf is a game of "control".  To be consistent, you need to know "where" the ball is going, and exactly "how far"... it is not always about "how long" you might hit it.  How "long" is for "drama" on TV (for the viewers)... and so they can sell you new equipment.  When was the last time you heard a commercial about how "short" a driver will hit the ball? 

Also, just because you hit it long (or by your buddies), does not mean you'll hit the next one closer to the hole.  "Longer" does work in theory... not necessarily in reality.  It is a "risk/reward", based on what your "body" is capable of repeating, and the conditions of the course.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

My thoughts about how the lower body works in the golf swing are this:it has one purpose, that is to keep us from falling down. When walking we do not think about how to place one foot in front of the other, or when we come to a set of stairs we climb them automatically without thought.
Any extra attempts to make a special movement with a knee etc., will distract you from making a smooth, balanced swing. There is of course one notable exception, the hips must turn to start the down swing. If we let the upper body (shoulders, arms, hands) take over to start, lots of bad things happen. The hook, slice, shank, fat, thin, fire and fall back, etc. usually start with upper body dominating.
Johnny Miller talks about what he calls a WOOD shot, Works Only One Day. I have found these before on the driving range and wondered a week later why that no longer worked. I agree with Ross, if it works, do it. When it quits working, come back to the fundamentals of Ross method.

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