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Ross, based on the power I am now generating with a half swing  [tongue] , I am thinking that stiff shafts make sense. ball position is predictable, swing is SO SIMPLE  [smile] , it feels like I can wail away on the ball-do you recommend stiff shafts for your students ever?

Once a year as the ground bakes in the summer, I shoot a 76 or 78- then I shoot around 83-86 rest of the year for a 15 hcp., but this year I had herniated 3 discs in a work accident and had a totally reconstructed right knee five weeks ago. My hcp has gone to 22! [frown]

On the range today and this week, I seemed to generate more power using your method than ever before-today I was hitting my PW 130 yards, 6 iron 180, 3 hybrid rolled to  210 when it hit  and driver hit the net solidly at top at 240!

Would a stiff shaft amplify these distances?

You need to experiment.  Everyone is different.  One thing... a stiffer shaft = more control.


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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