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Hi Ross,

Have you checked out the DST Compressor golf clubs?

If you haven't they're training clubs that seemingly force you to get your hands ahead of the ball at impact. Supposedly a lot of pros are using them.

The cost is $99.

I know they would be only one part of the solution but I may give one a try. Of course, still much too cold to hit outside here.

Hope you're wintering well.

I read a little and don't like the idea that the golfer will try to manipulate their hands/arms to "align"... this concept disconnects from letting the large muscles control.  

Also, some other components like "shoulders level" will suffer to get your hands ahead at setup.  The arms must hang to gravity to have a chance to return to impact correctly.  If they're pre-set, they'll won't want to return to that start position.  PLUS, at setup, the lower body has not turned partially (like it will be through impact), so you're having to rely on a device to tell you where to put your hands...that's not reliable or repeatable, for many different body types and different length clubs and conditions of the the course (slope).

I think learning to leave a "gap" is the most reliable way to achieve the same thing, since the arms hang.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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