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Ross, before I changed to your method, my ball flight was high, both irons, and driver with no run out.My misses were hitting irons fat and inconsistent drives that were pushed faded, or driven into the ground in front of the tee. After 2 years into your method my mishits have all but disappeared. My current issue is still a drive that does not run out. I play a Ping g20 9.5 and although the flight is not as high as before, they still check and back up. This is on a bent grass course that is heavy on watering, so usually wet. The ball flight is straight or a slight fade. This will happen even though I find the center of the clubface, which I always try to check. I play Pro V1, Bridgestone e6,e7, and other similar type of balls. Any thoughts? I play the ball off the middle of my left foot with the driver, seems to be the most consistent for contact.

Thank You
The geometry tells the story.  Lets use a Cue Ball as an example.  If you want to back it up, you hit at/or below the equator in a downward angle. This puts "backspin" on the ball.  If you want the opposite, you hit in an upward angle at/or above the equator.

Now, your problem with driver is backing up which means you're hitting in downward angle at the ball.

1.  You might have the ball being impacted prior to the bottom of the swing arc (we want after the bottom and on the way back up).  This could give a downward angle of attack.

2.  You may be "flipping squarely" through impact, after the bottom of the swing arc.  This usually causes more "height" and more of a ball drops and stops, but could cause some backup.

3.  You doing a combination of "both" above.

Look at your impact on video and see if your front wrist is bent in (must be flat or bowed out) and angle of attack must be ascending.  We want an upward angle with a solid flat or bowed out front wrist.  Also... get experimental... move that ball 4" outside your front foot and REALLY hang on to the "flat/bowed out" front wrist through impact and use your BODY to turn holding that shape.  This should get you hitting more up into the ball after the bottom of the arc.

FYI... pretty darn hard to get roll when the grass is wet or soaked.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


Thanks Ross. I had been topping or worm burning a few drives so I moved the ball back to the middle of my left foot to help get off the tee. While this helped that problem, it introduced the other. I have gone back to the 4" ahead of the left foot and it is working. Longer drives, less spin and no tops or burners. I am not sure, but I think I was not turning thru, maybe hanging back, flipping, causing the problem. When you start struggling, you do whatever it takes to correct the problem ( temporarily ). I should have checked in with you sooner.  

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