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Ross, I have noticed that my drives are much straighter using your method but my ball flight has changed in a major way. Before I think I was to extended in my arms and I swayed way back on my back foot. Using that old approach I teed the ball pretty high and was coming up on the ball more than now (more like Bubba Watson). I believe that is called angle of attack,  The ball flight now is somewhat lower and shorter but much preferable to where I was as I can get some draw now and always much straighter. My driver is 10.5 degrees of loft and I am thinking I may need to get one with higher loft to maximize the new swing. Do you think that is worth looking into?
Possibly, but I don't think so.  10.5 is a lot of loft for Driver, once it is played in the correct ball position (my method-watch Driver Lesson Video).  I say this because of the effective loft*.  Now, if you are playing the ball forward already, it may be shaft flex or loft.  "Experimenting" with ball position and equipment, is the best way to know, ... where to play the ball (for the desired results), and what's in your hand is produces the desired results.

*See this post:

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