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Hi Ross,

Having success with your method. Your instruction videos are straightforward and easy to follow. I also get a lot of great information from the forum.

Quick question on the driver swing. When you grip the club and form the "template", do you let the template hang as you do with irons? Or, conversely, do you reach for the ball a little more because of the length of the club. I am not sure as I could not find a down the line video of your driver swing. Thanks so much Ross.
Great question.  Yes, it too hangs, because the length of the club should create a little bit taller posture. Remember, the upper arms are on top of of the "pecs" with the elbows towards each other.  This also gives more freedom for the shoulders to move the arms/club.  Watch the Pre-shot Routine Lesson Videos for more on this... also the Athletic Setup.

FYI... we never reach out.  It is not repeatable for both setup and swing.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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