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Mr Ross, After I have completed my backswing (& there is more weight on my back/right leg), I am confused about 'the 1rst movement, when initiating the downswing (i.e. "The feeling" or "What I should I feel?")? I have tried several different movements/feelings, but can't seem to find a comfortable/consistent move?
1) I have tried 'letting the club/handle fall by "gravity." Often the result is a fat-shot, bc I am not transferring my weight & my swing is bottoming-out behind the ball?
2) I have tried 'turning my hips'...i.e. 'clearing my front/left side.' Often I get a similar result as the #1 move...a heavy/fat shot? And, the same as above, I must be turning the hips w/out transferring some of my weight to the 'leading side or leg/foot?' I do admit that I have a tendency to fly/open my hips too quickly & violently. As you are all to familiar, this movement results w/me getting in the not-uncommon position of getting "stuck." Then, of course, I compensate by flipping my hands.
3) Sometimes I try a small, 'lateral' or 'bump' move w/my left hip, at the same time, making sure that I keep my upper body & head, fairly stationary. I then let the hands drop/fall on-plane & let the hips (left-side) clear, in-unison. In-fact, this movement does make me have a feeling that my weight has 'transferred' more to my front (left) foot (side), thus often elevating the heavy shot. The issue that occasionally
arises, is that my release (or uncocking of the wrists) is sometimes too "late," resulting in a thin-shot.
All three scenarios that I have mentioned, have a common problem...They all involve "timing"...or lack-there-of? I realize that the golf-swing does include the element of timing (or synchronization), but I want it to feel as if it occurs 'naturally.' I don't want the feeling of the downswing (transition/timing/synchronizing) to be at the forefront of my thoughts (or for that matter, even 'a thought at all?').
I have watched many of your video lessons & like I said in a past email to you (about a year or two ago?)...You have a very unique talent & ability, in how you teach your golf-swing philosophy. It comes across (at least to me) very efficiently, simply & effortlessly. In my opinion, I feel...That is just how the actual golf-swing, should be (feel). I have had hundreds of private lessons from a combination of 3 to 4 pga professionals. I think that your golf-swing philosophy & teaching methods, connect & resignate with me, in a way that far exceeds any of my past instructor(s). In other words...I personally relate to your teaching style.

Do you have any advice/suggestions on how I can "feel" (& not "think") when initiating the downswing ('transition')? Just can't seem to get a consistent thought or feeling, at this particular part of the swing
(without implementing a move that results in either fat or thin shots?)? I've seen some of your past videos that explain this process, but didn't know if you could possibly expand on them (as it relates to the issues that I am having), so I can better implement them...for future practice at the range/home...then the course?
I am new to your forum (not your website or YouTube posts) & this was my very 1rst blog, so I apologize for the length & breadth of this post. Any future questions/posts will be much more brief & concise:-)
Thank you very much for your time/thoughts & keep up the excellent work that you do. GR
Glad you are here and you will improve.  First... you have a lot (many of us do), of old thoughts.  Try to let go and when you practice, stay focused on one drill... even the same drill for a couple of sessions.  Give your body time to learn and feel the drills.  I used to put down "Flash" cards on the ground, for myself to stay focused.  It helped develop discipline. 

Now, it appears that you're not setting up with 60% (or more) of your weight on the front foot.  After you do, you want to learn how to "stay" with the weight on that front foot as you use your shoulders only on the backswing... NO SLIDE OR SWAY to the back foot on the backswing.  I know that is not what you heard from all the (well intentioned) pros, but I found loading up that back leg is the worst thing that can be done for repeatability.  It is like moving the center of a pendulum.  It is hard enough to hit the ball... now try to hit it while you're moving back and forth... I don't think so, at least not very often.

So, practice the Front Foot Drill or the No Sway Drill.  They will feel awkward at first, but you'll soon get more coil in your back muscles for power vs. slide and lift.  Also, once you've finished your backswing, you will already be on your front foot and it will be very easy to use the "hips" or unwind.  You can't unwind if more than 50% of you weight is on the back foot... that is why you're struggling.

Thanks for joining the forum nicholbran1219

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thank you very much for your response. You are absolutely correct, I am not '60 %' on the front leg! And you are also correct when u mentioned about my past PGA lessons.... I used to sometimes experiment and put more weight on my front foot/leg (roughly 60%), and guess what...It felt good to me and I "pured" many of my shots:-) The only reason I didn't continue with that 'method,' was because my "pga teaching pro" would say, "Uhhh-Nooo, don't do that." So confusingly...I didn't, and I went back to the 'more weight on the back foot?' Thanks to you, I will train myself to "let go" of (some) of the 'conventional' golf teachings that have and are, drilled into my consciousness. I am so excited & basically, I feel relieved:-) I can't wait for this new journey and I am positive that my 'golf game/swing' will improve. Thank you, again. I will be in touch. Sorry, last u know, I am new to the forum. How do I go about contacting you regarding possibly hiring you for some personal lessons? Thanks. GR
You bet.  I know you'll improve.

As far a lessons go, these days, it's about all I can do, to keep up with my online instruction.  I have not been accepting "at the range" lessons, so I can catch up.  I do give online Skype lessons. That means, we can see each other computer to computer and talk, while we look at your swing videos or I show you correct positions from my golf room.  Essentially we communicate through camera.  I know it sounds difficult, but it allows me to use my time more efficiently and cover more students (some in other countries)... and also, so I can produce new instruction videos.  That does not even start to cover answering emails and forum questions.  It really makes me happy to help golfers with this awesome game.

We will get you going... remember you too can send a couple videos for an analysis.  You received (1) with your membership.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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