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Student Question

Say I am 50 yards out and going to use a less than full wedge. Do i draw back 1/4 way and make a full follow through and swing at normal swing speed..or do I do a normal back swing, but at 25% or 50% lesser follow through swing speed



The length of the backswing and the speed of the rotation will produce different results.  ALL SWINGS (at any distance) TURN COMPLETELY THROUGH TO THE FINISH… it may be at a slower speed.  Also, backswings with different lengths (with complete finishes on downswing), produce different results.   Never lesser follow through.

I think a better way to think, is that the backswing and downswing should kind of  “match”  or “equal”.  If you want a slower pace, take is back at about the pace you intend to use on the downswing.  One thing… the downswing must be a complete rotation and finish… never quit on it.

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