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With this technique should I play my 3 and 5 woods similar to the driver?

Hi Ric
If you’re on a tee, yes but not quite so far in front of the foot (maybe 1-2” for 3w 5w)*.  Now if your playing off the ground, you want to play the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.  This is usually about the front toe, maybe just inside the front foot for 5 wood.  You have to experiment for the results you want.  You want freedom to rotate and accelerate and pick up the ball with your body’s mass turning through impact.  If the ball gets too far back, you’ll start using your arms or hands to help.


* Teeing Driver, 3w, 5w can give different results based on how you setup.  Moving the tee forward or back more towards the front toe, will change the launch angle for different results.  Also changing the tee height, will let you impact the club face differently for varied results.  You want to experiment, to know how your swing, with different variations, affects the ball flight, so you'll have options for different situations and conditions.

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