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I have recently started getting more distance using the Ross method. I made a few changes which improved my connection and swing speed. My overall swing effort is less since my arms now feel more like they are along for the ride. Just for perspective, my SW previously carried 90yds to 100 yds with a full swing. Now it goes 115 to 120 with less effort. 7 iron went from 140 to 160/165, etc. I have not changed clubs.

It all started when I read an article about the right elbow fold on the backswing. I had been trying for years to get this right. This article said to forget about the back elbow and push the club away from you (keeping width with elbows together) while keeping the arms straight including the back elbow for as long as you can. It said that bending the back elbow too early can cause the shoulders to stop turning and arms to take over. A light bulb went off. I tried it and my ball contact and distance immediately improved. What it really did was forced me to use my shoulders to take the club back and allow me to wind up better. I think that part of my problem may have been my ex-college football player build keeping my shoulders more tense and withdrawn a little. Simply pushing with the front shoulder and keeping elbows together wasn't enough for me. When I made these small changes I was able to relax my shoulders and let gravity assisted by my hip turn move the club in the down swing. This also made it easier to hold the bent back wrist through the ball. Now my swing thought is to feel like both arms are just one big arm (elbows close) during backswing and downswing. My elbow folds naturally and I no longer have to think about it.

I have a super slow motion camera and reviewed my swing on video and shaft is inline with my front arm on almost every swing.  It really feels weird because I don't feel like I swing as hard as I used to but the ball carries further. I didn't measure driver distance but the ball flight looks a lot more penetration now. I'm hitting greens in regulation more consistently now but I'm working on getting more dialed in on direction.

I know Ross has probably stated this somewhere before but it's hard to determine what to focus on sometimes with so much trial and error.

My recent excitement on yesterday was hitting an island green in two on a par 5 (220 yd shot) which I have never done before on my home course. It's a layup for most people but I gave it a shot.
Great Anthony!

Move Less ... Get Good!   


Anthony, great post, very helpful! Coincidentally been working on not breaking the right elbow early (or at all?). Also rewatched shoulder turn video and now I really get it (finally). Appreciating the conciseness of Ross’s videos more and more.  I can actually now relate to the idea of “like throwing a ball”.  I think about getting my right elbow winding up behind me instead of the shoulders stopping and resulting in the right elbow getting away from my body OR just not really winding up. I’ve learned this is possibly never going to be an instinctive move for me, I have to drill myself before I play no matter how much I practice it. Then I have to refocus, relax, and let the hips be the main focus. I know, “routine”! Still working on that.  On a relatable/funny note I’ve had veteran golf partners compliment me on my short backswing. Also had a good friend I hadn’t played with in a while, who’s a neophyte say “wow you really get a lot of distance out of that half-swing of yours”. Enjoyed that one. 


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