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Hi Ross ,
I understand some of the videos were filmed when you believed in the forward press move.  In watching
the fairway wood video, you are using the forward press.  I am a little confused by this, so my question
is, do we use the same setup and routine on all clubs?  I hope that makes sense.
Playing again tomorrow and will send a progress report .

All the Best,

Jim Sullivan
Moving less and getting better....[thumb]
Yes, setup the arms and club shaft the same for each club... "Shaft in line with the front arm, elbows close together pointing back at the hips"... "The Template".  What the forward press does, is put the shaft in line with the front arm.  I tell new students to start with the shaft already in line, to make the golf swing more consistent and remove extra movements.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks Ross,
Makes sense and clears up a little confusion for the old man.
Moving less and getting better....[thumb]

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