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Unfortunately I had to take an extended break from playing due to work (Over a year). 


I had some issues when I played a quick nine the other day. (My wrists were rolling over something fierce, but your fixed wrist drill fixed me up in no time)

Again these are easily fixed through your videos. But it got me questioning whether I should just start over at the beginning? Or would I be better off playing practice rounds and working on the issues that I see?


When I started using your methods I was a 23 handicap. I got down to a 15 and was sure to drop even more. 

A quick thanks for making the game even more enjoyable than it was. There is nothing like standing over a ball and having the knowledge that you will put a solid strike on it. You helped me take my game to another level and I thank you.

Thank you again,

Ken Reynolds

That's Awesome Ken.  No, I would not start over.  Golf is about confidence and repeatability.  It is not about having a golf swing that has all the elements of my method, it is exactly about what you said:

"There is nothing like standing over a ball and having the knowledge that you will put a solid strike on it."

All I do with my method, is dial in on the "issue(s)" someones golf swing has,... then, (having fixed so many golf swings over the years), I know what causes that problem and what it will take to make the swing repeatable.  Sometimes it's one or two things... usually a combination of setup and swing.  We don't want to introduce anything you don't need.  In other words... "If it ain't broke, we don't have to fix it".  This keeps the mind uncluttered so you can focus on playing the game.

Now, if you want ideas on why you're a 15 hdcp and not a 10 hdcp, we can talk about those thoughts,... and then set some goals to become a 10.

Thanks for sharing... Ross

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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