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Hey Ross, with respect to a draw or a fade, I understand the set up.  What I’m not clear on is my swing path.  Should the back swing and forward swing be more down my toe line or the target line?  Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi Craig

Down your Toe Line or Body Lines

With my method, we don’t try or have to “change swing paths” or “swing planes” (not repeatable or reliable)… the path will automatically be change when you follow the routine… for example… you want a cut, so you open the face a bit before you take your grip… now you line up the “face” to the target (not your feet).  By lining up the face it will automatically open your stance to the target. This will give your a slight out to in path (to the target line).  We never want to change the “path” with respect to the “body lines”.  Taking the same swing every time and just adjusting the face a bit, should give you the desired result.  The opposite will happen for a draw… when you take your grip with the face a bit closed, it will automatically close your stance a bit to the target line.   Trust it! and take your same swing… no manipulation necessary.  FYI… you can NOT change the club face through impact or it won’t work.  NO HANDS… the body will do the work.

Hi Ross,

When you say, "line up the “face” to the target", is the "target" the line on which you wish to start the ball or where you hope the ball will end up after it "cuts" (in this case)?

The "Target" is where you want the ball to end.  These are general concepts and everyone different. 

When you opened the face before gripping, then put the face on the target you want to end at... this automatically opened your toe line or body lines (for a cut and right hander, this would be "left" of target). 

Now, a bit of "need to know" info... Only 20% of path influences the ball, but 80% of face angle influences the ball.  I'm pretty sure I heard this from one of my PGA Seminars on ball flight and I think from some of Dave Pelz putting book and it makes perfect sense to me.  I've seen these properties affect ball flight for many years and it is right in line with my experiences.

Okay... back to your cut shot... since your toe line is "left" of the intended target line, the ball will start some to the left (influenced by path), but since the face is open a bit to the "path", it will add side or cut spin* on the ball and the ball should spin towards the target (to the right).  The ball wants to move towards the target (influenced by face angle).

* This is just like adding "English" on a pool ball, by purposely miss hitting the Cue Ball to one side or the other to add spin to affect the result when the spinning ball makes contact to another ball.  The difference with a golf ball is, our ball has dimples, and the spinning ball uses the air to affect it's ball flight.

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