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Hi Ross,
I just watched videos of Cameron Champ, just incredible the distance he is achieving.
At impact his wrist appears to be exactly what you advocate.
What are your comments on his full body rotation on the take away, his hips really seem active versus my interpretation of your method?
Similar what do you think about how he appears to straighten his right leg and load up against it.
Would either of these moves work with your method as long as the weight stays predominantly on front foot?

He has a nice swing for sure.  I looked closely at one of his Driver videos and did not see him ever straighten out is Right (back) leg.  The back leg must remain braced and not change or straighten out during the backswing.  Don't be fooled, his backswing is being wound up by the shoulders and his hips just come along (until the downswing).  I do not like how he moves slightly off the ball for a big backswing.  It usually leads to problems vs. more distance (for the average golfer).  He corrects for the move off the ball on the downswing, by locking up the front leg to hold him back and rotating around a braced from leg.  That can add speed, but not healthy for the front knee and the ball can go anywhere with that move if not done just right.  Also, distance is not very accurate when you straighten up the front leg like he does.  

(Update added Nov 17th)
I did just read that Camaeron Champ trys to clear his hips while letting his body rotation bring the club and arms down.  I talked about something very similar in 2011, on YouTube, I called it the Ross Move  watch: 

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Thanks Ross
There is a good analysis of Cameron Champ's swing on the Jeremy Wells Golf site. He is actually doing just the opposite what Ross recommends in his downswing.
His belt buckle is facing already the target and his club head is not even close to impact. Ross states in his first video under setup "if you clear your hips you lost most of your power ". IMO we as recreational players can't and should not compare ourselves with these professionals.
My two cents.
I very rarely discuss other golf swings and probably should not have commented on this post, because it just confuses other readers.  With YouTube and blogs the golfing community is experiencing golf analysis overload.

Yes, I did say if you clear the hips you can lose power.  What I meant by that is, there is a point of "disconnect"  where the arms/club have been left behind from being connected to the body's rotation.  Young 23 year old golfers can be in a state of having the hips look "cleared" but still be connected and the arms/club can still be moved by the body's unwinding.  The potential has been stored in the back muscles like a rubber band. 

Also, if disconnected, the arms/club can get stuck behind and trapped and then need to be rerouted. 

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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