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Hello everyone,

I have found an old book (1970's) that have a lot of similarities with Ross's method. The author is Dick Aultman and title is "The Square to Square Golf Swing".

The book is well written with nice illustrations by Anthony Ravielli (the same illustrator for the Five Fundamentals book of Hogan).

I think it can help those old fashioned people like me who still likes to read books.

Ross or other people of this forum, have you read this book? If so, what is your opinion of it in being helpful with the DuPlessis method?

Best regards,

Eddy [smile]

Hi Eddy
Sorry, I have not read that book.  Others have equated my method to Square to Square, because I keep the club face square during the swing.  I'm not sure how much of my method relates.  My method developed over a long period of time teaching and searching for better more reliable, athletic moves.  I read a few books many years ago that opened a few doors, but always felt they were each missing parts or relying on a fix during the swing to make it work.  Oh, but the way, I'm not done by any means.  We can make this game easier... I'm sure.


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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