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I notice in your full swing trapping videos that your body appears to have a slight lean away from the target at impact. What creates this lean? When I look at my swing on video I don't have this lean.
Boy... I'm glad I've had my coffee... here goes.  [wink]

My thinking on this is, ... that as you unwind the body, there are different muscles and body parts in different places, all combining to unwind around an imaginary axis, and to keep this turning force centered and balanced, there is a slight tilt, kind of bracing the centrifugal force (I'm sure everyone is different due to body make up).  I know that is a mouthful and this is something the body does on it's own, so you don't lose balance.  You will see this in other sports that unwind like the "Hammer Throw" or "Discus" as they're turning before they let go.

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