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Hey ross love your swing method and have played some of the best golf of my life index down to 4.9 but in last few months have started hitting a big pull hook and seem to have become really active with my hands and can't seem to keep from hitting left any help or video clip recommendations would be great

thx nick

Hi Nick

1.  Get your “turn” or “body rotation” to CONTINUE right through impact all the way to facing the target (or more). Focus on your rotation NOT slowing or stopping at impact…. KEEP TURNING.  This helps prevent the hands/arms from taking over.  If the body stops (or gets tired), the hands try to help, or else nothing will move the ball. 

2.  Practice “holding the shape” (of the bowed out front wrist … bent in back wrist) as the body turns through impact.  Start with short shots to “know” you’re not flipping or helping with the hands at the ball. 

3.  Make sure the hands/arms are dominated by the Shoulders in the backswing… then the Body on the downswing.  We want the big muscles moving the arm “template” so to speak. 

If nothing works, send me a couple swing videos to look at (front and back) views


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