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Hi Ross,
Thanks for all your responses. I was rewatching your chip and putt lessons and could not tell if you use the same hip joint ball position or not. Do you adjust your ball position for these particular shots?
I am always looking for the bottom of the swing arc for impact around the green.  I can pick the ball off of cement perfectly as long as that shaft stays in line with that front arm (no flip), and I make contact right at the bottom of the swing arc.  This takes a little practice, but is not magic or difficult.  The key is not letting the wrists/shaft change through the swing. 

NOW ... I do setup with more weight on the front leg as the conditions change.  This can be from 60% to 98%.  If the shot is level ground, I setup about 60% froward, keep it there, play the ball about the front hip and turn... easy! repeatable!  Now, if there is an uphill slope, I'll pre-set more weight up the hill, which moves the bottom of the swing more out on to the toe or even outside the foot in severe cases.... just keep the weight there and rotate.  Now as the  weight moves more and more forward, the back foot gets closer and closer for balance and freedom to rotate.  We don't want that back foot restricting our rotation.

You just need to go practice these shots.  For about 25 years, I spent an hour or two a day, setting up the most difficult shots around the green I could create, so I could get up and down for any where.  My friends and I would hit off of cart paths, benches, railroad ties, piles of leaves, severe downhill or uphill lies,  always over trees and obstacles.... oh, through golf carts.  It all added up to creativity and always only used a 56° SW... made it do anything needed.  I'll bet many of the Pros you see each week, were doing their own variation of the same thing.  That's how to get good.. and score.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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