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Ross, in your video "square face -- you'll disagree until you try it", your back swing looks very upright with your arms getting between your right shoulder and your neck.   In this video you hinge your wrists but you say there's a later video where you use "fixed" wrists.  I can't find that video but in it is your swing still "upright"?  Maybe you could direct me to that newer video.

Also, in this video, "square face. . . ." you are videoed from down the line but I can't find other videos where that's the case.  Are there other videos where you're seen from down the line.

Also and to change the subject,  in a correct follow through, are both your elbows pointing pretty much down?  I'd like to see a video of where your elbows are in the follow through. 
I don't use a term called "upright".  My shoulders turn around my spine and carry the arms/club up and back down.  That angle will change depending on club.  As far as the hinging question goes, it is answered here:

I don't have many down the line videos because you don't have to be concerned about positions with my method.  If you learn to let the Large Muscles (Shoulders and the Body's Rotation) take control, you'll develop a repeatable golf swing.  Listen to what I say in the videos and the practice drills are "key".  Remember, as a Member you get a golf swing analysis, so you might send me a couple swings so I can tell you exactly what your swing needs.

The elbows eventually point down on the follow through.  That is when, after the ball is gone, you follow your back shoulder up and out of your tilt, to stand and face the target.

Move Less ... Get Good!   

Many thanks for your quick reply.  I need to do some studying and practicing -- then I'll send a video!

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