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Student Question

Ross, I have chronic lower back and right hip pain and stiffness. Do
a lot of stretching and so forth, but its something I hve to deal with.
will your swing method put less strain on my back & hip?



Hi Richard
Most of my students say their back feels much better with my method,
but each individual is different.  The reason my swing should help is
that, if my method is done correctly, the downswing is unwinding all
the way to the finish and the back releases right when the back
shoulder touches the chin… and the torso must come up and out to
finish facing the target… with all the weight on the front foot.  Many
golfers let their arms/club pass the body and they try to keep their
head down way too long and that really pulls on the back.

Now, some of my method tries to maximize torque by starting the shoulders while
the lower body resists… this does wind up the back a little, but how
much is up to you. With your issue you may just let the hips come
along with the shoulders, but always keep the weight at least 60%
forward, so you can turn and let your back release correctly. You have
to be the judge on this Richard.  If you’re feeling pain, don’t
continue… but I think you’ll be fine in moderation.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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