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Just watched the Squeeze Squeeze Drill and had another AHA moment. Squeeze the grip to keep the wrists in the same position! WOW!


You got it!!  It works, but it does take practice.  The wrists can not be "floppy" at impact.  They have a job to do.  They help keep the shaft in line with the front arm and face square.  If squeezing a bit helps you get that job done, then practice doing it so you'll know the results.  Remember, the body must be rotating to bring this "shape" through impact.


Explain more on how and the feel squeeze the wrist
For a golf shot to be solid and perform consistently, the club face, shaft, body, arms and wrists will have a specific "look" or "shape".  No ifs, ands, or buts!  The more "off" this look or "broken down" from the look a golfer has, the more problems will arise and worsen the outcome of the shot.  I know that is a lot, but hitting consistent golf shots is not easy because of all the potential variables.

Now, if you keep your wrists relaxed, that makes you feel like "man, I can really throw that club head now", and that is the #1 biggest "breakdown" for consistency BAR NONE!  If you throw the club head (usually with the back hand), like an axe into a tree, many very bad things happen (I've written a lot about this already.. search it), but the worst is the club face is violently open on the backswing, trying to square back up right at impact, with the shaft in line with the front arm, as it is "flipping" over from "open" to now "closed"... and hopefully at that nano second when all is right, we meet the ball... it just is not going to happen very often.  Again ... too many variables at roughly 90mph. Especially, the shaft not it line with the front arm, that gives us twice the radius and leads the club face, and connects the body mass to impact, for very solid contact. 

Okay ... that was all needed to be able to say, ... if you "squeeze" the wrists a little to hold that perfect impact shape, it will signal the rest of the body ... "hey, we're not helping, you need to find "power" somewhere else, why not turn (with the body), this perfect shape through the ball."  Now, the body says... "great I can do that now that you (the hands), are not taking over control ... because when the hands take over, the body "stops" to support the hit. The body will not turn and hit at the ball at the same time ... IT IS ONE OR THE OTHER.

This takes practice to "undo" the previous conditioning of hitting at the ball ... BUT, is attainable for those who put in the time and effort.

The best way to learn this is with the "Fixed Wrist Drill".  Or, just little pitch shots, with the wrists fixed (squeezed holding), with the shaft in line with the front arm... hold that shape and use your body to rotate and meet the ball, just inside the front foot... keeeeeeeep turning (most golfers will stop and hit at the ball) ... drag the handle through, around to the left (right hander), with your rotation...  put in the time ... you'll get it!  :-)

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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