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Move Less ... Get Good!

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Have you ever noticed Amateurs and Pros alike, more often than not, miss putts on the "low side"?  Well if you want to improve your score and have easier 2nd putts, keep reading.

1.  If you miss a putt on the low side, it never had a chance to go in.  Start allowing for more break than you think and you'll make a few more that you didn't expect.  Don't allow yourself to continually miss on the low side.  The only thing worse, is low and short.  You've got to get the ball past the hole on every putt (if you can), and miss on the high side (if it didn't go in), so you can have a chance to make more putts.  Joke: 94% of the time when the ball is short, it doesn't go in (haha).  The old stand by.

2.  If you miss on the low side, the ball keeps rolling farther and farther away from the hole as it is stopping.  This can make for some testers for the next putt to finish.  If you allow for more break, generally the ball is getting closer and closer to the hole as it is stopping.  This can make for a lot of tap-ins.

So, pay attention to how you missed the putt and ADJUST!!  One other idea is to allow for less break and firm up the speed.  This takes practice and can make for some testers coming back, but if you watch(ed) the first putt, you already know the break and should make them coming back.  This technique can make more putts too for the right individuals.

Move Less ... Get Good!   


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