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Greetings Ross,
I thought I'd provide some feedback to you and hopefully some encouragement to other golfers using your methods. It's now 3 years since I started using your method and all up 6 years playing golf on a regular basis. I must say that your method across all facets of the game is very good and will stand me in good stead as I approach 60 years of age because the swing technique is not stressful on the body and I hope to play as long as possible. I have been oscillating between 7-9 handicap for 2 years and struggling to come down further, so two weeks ago, I re-watched all the videos on your site over a 2 day period and there I picked up a helpful gem - where you mentioned "pivoting around the front hip socket". I took this concept to the range on a Friday and played in the Saturday comp and won the A grade with 40 points. Then today I played at another course and came 2nd with 40 points. The consistency of my ball striking with this 'pivot around the front hip socket' idea is my only swing thought and has made a remarkable improvement to my ball striking and direction.

Your putting method is also very effective. I could go on but will stop there.

Ross, thanks for making your method so easily available, I appreciate it a lot.

Hi Claude
Great to hear from you again.  Thank you for the nice comments :-)  

It is really great to hear from students with commitment, who worked through the ups & downs of learning.  I really like how you went back (wiser and more experienced), to review some lessons and could now benefit more and pick up on the "gems".  When I made the lesson videos, dozens of years of teaching and searching for improvements, come out in those lessons.  I say things in a specific way, because I used those same terms with my students and saw great results.

Thanks again for stopping in and commenting Claude.  Made my day.


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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