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Watching Tin Cup for the upteenth time and thought I would report in on 2 seasons of the Ross method. Season 1 I switched to the Ross method due to a bad right hip. I could not have played if not for this system. After the new hip I continued with the system because it gave me accuracy that I had not had before. Yes, distance seemed to be less, but shots were straight. After the new hip, I stayed the course. This year was a mix of good and bad. As the season played out, I worked on drills and tempo and I can now say it is taking hold. Hitting fairways has improved to almost 100% on the good days and distance is better than before due to solid contact. Currently not as sharp with the irons, but suspect a little flipping causing this. Main thing now is TEMPO, slight pause at the top, slow progression to follow thru and full finish, facing the target. Problems start when you get too fast from the top! This is still the best system for the average golfer, My golf partner's are amazed at how far and straight I hit it with the shorter swing and so am I, Thanks Ross.

Richard Martens
62 years and counting
Thanks Richard I enjoyed reading your report and can really relate.

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