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  • 45 Degrees

    Ross, been a Ballard student since my mini tour days. After college I thought to get to the next level I needed to do what the pros were doing. Hal...

    4 167

    Started by ayersjj

  • Back swing

    Ross: in your videos re: takeaway. U say go back until the shoulders finish the turn. Do you suggest lifting to arms even further after the...

    2 163

    Started by sterling

  • Impact Position

    Ross, During the Ross Move you teach to bring the elbows back in front of the body to get into the impact position. Can this also be done by...

    2 119

    Started by Anthony225

  • Shaft flexes / Torque

    Ross ...What a great site ....Iam a full member now and like the short video clips.. Iam about to purchase some new shafts for my clubs especially...

    2 90

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • Right Elbow

    Ross, I notice in your full swings that your right elbow seems to immediately drop straight down to your right hip. I also notice that the tour pros...

    2 134

    Started by Anthony225

  • Swing path

    Hi Ross I have a question on swing path. I naturally bring the club a bit outside on the takeaway I am a left-handed person who swings right-handed...

    4 204

    Started by boggiesnomore

  • Driver loft

    Ross, I have a question about driver loft. I bought a Titleist driver and I can adjust the loft on it. I was thinking that I might get a little more...

    3 158

    Started by Dan

  • More about putting

    Ross, do you have any thoughts on setting your hands on the putter in a cocked vs uncocked position? My understanding is cocked means if you extend...

    2 142

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • Ross Move

    Ross, During the Ross Move practice videos you take the club back with the right arm straight. During other partial and full swing videos your elbow...

    5 326

    Started by Anthony225

  • The lie (and falsehoods of the game)

    Hi Ross, just a question about one of the nuances of the game. On any course and several times during a round I find my ball in a bad lie, e.g., in...

    5 150

    Started by Dan

  • Hips

    Ross - I'm having some success with the method, so thanks. It takes practice. Just a clarification with the unwinding hip rotation to the target...

    5 129

    Started by robert

  • Using the ground

    Hey Ross, what are your thoughts on using the ground to push off during the downswing, ala Justin Thomas and Lexi Thompson?

    5 138

    Started by Dan

  • Forward Lean at Impact

    Ross, I have been having difficulty having a forward shaft lean at impact. I thought I was doing better but when I recorded my swing I can see that...

    5 370

    Started by Anthony225

  • Chipping

    Ross-To eliminate a chronic yipping problem, I am trying to replicate your fixed wrists, one piece, shoulder-led chipping method. So far, I am...

    1 154

    Started by golfer42

  • Ross Move

    Ross, Just to clarify my understanding of the Ross Move. On the backswing, the front shoulder pushes the shoulders straight back and around the...

    2 137

    Started by Anthony225

  • wrists again

    From Australia, new member, am seeing improvements and think that I'm understanding the concepts so thanks and g'day there. Some thoughts here -...

    3 146

    Started by robert

  • Fixed Wrists

    Ross, I know you've talked about the fixed wrists in detail, but I would like to get a little more description of how it should feel. My issue...

    4 279

    Started by Anthony225

  • Driver Length

    Ross, I know you don't like to comment on equipment per say, but if I was wondering what your thoughts are on shorter drivers. I know some pros use...

    1 134

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • A question about the downswing

    Hi Bro, I have a question about the downswing. You say in one of your writings about the downswing, "...The arms can't move on their own, so...

    7 230

    Started by Dan

  • Body Tilt

    Ross, On your swing videos, you have a body tilt to your right side and your right elbow comes down close to your hip and stays bent. This is...

    4 245

    Started by Anthony225

  • Downswing Sequence

    Hi Ross, I'm doing the impact and Ross Move drills religiously but still have gaps in my knowledge. I understand how we finish the swing with...

    20 467

    Started by DaveF

  • Swing Beliefs

    Ross - two questions:1. Do you se the golf swing as a circle?;2. What about connection of the upper left arm and chest during the swing? Thanks -...

    2 121

    Started by encil

  • Rhythm and Tempo

    Ross , am I correct in assuming that the best way to improve your rhythm and tempo is by working on your body rotation? Thanks, Encil

    4 119

    Started by encil

  • stack and tilt

    S T teaches connecting the arms to the body and maintaining the "flying wedge". Do these teaching points relate to your method ? S T also...

    6 222

    Started by encil

  • Putting

    Hi Ross, a two part question in regards to putting. First, when setting up is the putter face square with feet parallel to the line between the ball...

    3 149

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

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