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Hi folks,
I am a Ross Method advocate, I thought I'd share some of my ups and downs over the last 18 mths or so.
I have been playing more than 50 yrs, lowest h'cap was 3 now I'm 12, tried all swings and gimmicks, read a million books from a tender age, Ross gives best results by far. My early attempts to follow Ross were very successful with great results then I fell away and struggled. Tried old swings again, failed miserably, back to Ross again. This time to stay. 
Best results for me is hitting driver and fairway woods. Poorest are 8,9, and wedges. The common problem of hitting these straight left. This seems to be an issue for many of us. Ross has the remedies in his videos, and I've read his replies to 'Pull' problems so I will "persevere to persevere" as the Injun said in the Outlaw Josey Wales movie.
When our weather improves I'll get a video to Ross and he will put me right.
I'm in the West of Scotland and it's cold damp and downright soggy at the moment.
Going back to driver shots, incredible accuracy, just do the Ross stare at the target look back at the ball and start back...goes laser straight. 
I find the full slower windup and slowish unwind works best for me, I can't speed up to crank more yardage, I mishit when I unwind faster, but I'm happy with solid and straight.
The putting method Ross describes is very sound, very consistent. I'd recommend you try it, just do exactly what Ross says to do and the results are terrific. I have always been a decent putter but I'm sticking with Ross's method from now on.

Hope you all have a great new season


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Thanks, smiddy, for the great input!  I, too, have taken "100's" of lessons, read every book & purchased every video out there.  Ross has definitely helped me already more in 2 weeks than anyone else out there!  I'm just starting with Ross, & I have found just the opposite.  I hit the short irons straight & solid, but pull the longer clubs & Driver.  I've always had problems with my Driver, though, with pulls & hooks.  Ross has been very helpful with his replies & great instruction!  We all just have to "Believe" & practice the drills!
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