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Sending me a couple of swing videos, will let me check your setup posture and how you're moving through the swing.  I can then direct you.

Once thing to consider ...  changing your golf swing takes time (months/years), to be able to take it to the course.  You just became a Member, please give it time.  Also, the drills help teach you the moves, then you need to work on incorporating those changes into your "routine", so you can take it to the course.  Old muscle memory takes time to change.

Sorry Dave, it is confusing/distracting to discuss the differences or similarities of golf methods at this forum, I want my students to be focused on our changes only. There are many other forums that offer those discussion.  Hope you understand.


Move Less ... Get Good!   


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Thanks Ross, and I do appreciate your explanation on the "other swings", you could spend some serious time running in circles.

Videos coming soon.
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