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  • Thank You

    I would like to take the time to thank you so much for your technique, I sent you a video which you analyzed back in May. I worked on your...

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    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • Hello from England

    Hi Ross and everyone else I stumbled across this website by trying to shorten my swing as the main issues I had were over swinging, trying to move...

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    Started by Joerog

  • backswing

    I have always had trouble with fat shots. What I discovered today is that I was allowing a little slack in my arms on the back swing. Then on the...

    8 254

    Started by dlagoy

  • New student 2 weeks in

    Hello, Just wanted to share my progress over the last two weeks. I play nine holes often in league play and I’ve been stuck at the high forties...

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    Started by Mike4040

  • Forums are priceless

    Hello Ross, I found your website by chance and it all made sense. I'm a 68 year old female and have a couple of observations to share. 1) Not to be...

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    Started by JW66

  • Your method has realy started to click with me

    After about a month of play and practice trying to use your method, and still having inconsistency...especially pulls and or thin shots, it just...

    2 78

    Started by schmict

  • No Loss of Distance - Maybe More Distance

    As an FYI, from your videos, I have adopted your techniques I was never able to consistently hit my 3 wood off the ground previously, especially...

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    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • When I lose My Swing

    New guy in the forum but have been following you for many years - many thanks to your videos. I know that I'm not the only one losing my mind and my...

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    Started by Ferdi

  • Wrist angle

    The most inconsistency in my golf game is the shank on irons or heel hits on woods, or fat shots. I think I am too loose with my wrists and the...

    2 131

    Started by schmict

  • solid contact

    Hi Ross, I had to write and tell you that I played a round the other day and had the most solid, consistent contact I have ever experienced with...

    2 86

    Started by dlagoy

  • Clubs

    Ross, Which type of clubs work best with your method? Hybrids, woods, irons, or utility? Maybe some of you students have had better success with one...

    14 311

    Started by Anthony225

  • Two Years in

    April was 2 years since beginning with the Ross Method. My HCP is now 13.5 down from 21 when I started. Can't believe it! Thanks Ross.

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    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • New to forum and the swing

    Just jointed yesterday and am excited about "fixing" my ailing golf game. I am 6' 7" so if any of your tall guys want to chime in...

    2 330

    Started by bigdave18629

  • More on Square Club Face

    Hi Ross, Yes, I agree. I just got back from the practice range and was practicing the takeaway downswing video (square club face) as well as...

    0 214

    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • Square Club Face Works!

    Ross, I came across your square club face video about a year ago. I have hit the ball amazingly consistent with very little practice. Played Friday...

    0 182

    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • Gap Drill

    Ross When using the gap drill, How do you know you are aligned to the sweet spot

    1 171

    Started by Sparks

  • New Guy

    I just joined tonight after the worst round of my life! Something has to change and I believe Ross has the right Idea but it will take me a while to...

    5 151

    Started by boggiesnomore

  • Just Hit My Biggest Drive

    Hi Ross I was keen to give you some feedback. As a former rugby player I decided to start up golf to keep my athleticism have less risk of injury,...

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    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • First Sub-par Round

    I just shot under par for the first time this past weekend 2 under. 69.. Thanks to you and your method! Driver is not consistent, I dropped down...

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    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • Progress report

    It's been a while since i have reported in on progress and or regress. This is year 3+ and i have had a good season of ball striking and scoring....

    7 257

    Started by RAM

  • recovering from a slump

    I have just been thru a long (6 week) slump. The longest since i made the switch to Ross's method. There were contributing factors, ( loss of an old...

    1 128

    Started by RAM

  • New guy to the forum.

    Ross; tried your methods for first time today...your tutorials are pure genius! Much gratitude from, 'across the pond'.

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    Started by lucky23

  • General Problem

    Ross, One issue I have with improving at golf in general is that each part of the swing may affect another making it difficult to stay focused on...

    2 225

    Started by Anthony225


    Ross, Thanks for your info. I am back. I got the game I had 6 years ago when I would usually shoot 80 plus or minus 2-3 strokes. I am Hitting it...

    1 151

    Started by JeffB7020

  • Progress!

    My full swing is a Jekyl & Hyde affair right now, but steadily improving. My good shots are better, my bad ones though can be really ugly. Raised...

    14 288

    Started by DaveF

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