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  • Backswing top and transition

    Hi Ross, I always strike a ball much better if I paused at the top of my backswing for 0.5 to 1 second. I feel like moving everything together...

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    Started by Jason2010

  • Hitting The Ball Left

    Ross, the most common miss for me with this swing is left of target - everywhere from slightly left with irons to off-the-planet pull hooks with the...

    4 151

    Started by Larry45

  • The Breath

    Dear Mr Ross, Cann you give us an advice concerning breathing during the swing? Should we breathe in or out before the takeaway? Thank you so...

    1 132

    Started by reneke

  • High popups with driver

    I am new to the swing but showed consistency with irons and fairway woods today at the range. I had success with the driver initially but eventually...

    3 137

    Started by pullturn

  • Club distance to "back in front"

    Hi Ross, Set me straight on this please. Now that I have a pretty consistent backswing (that took a ton of work it feels like since the club...

    10 272

    Started by DaveF

  • The Chest Stays Both Ways (almost)

    I have been finding lately, that focusing on your chest is a great way to keep still, so other muscles can do their job. Like on the backswing,...

    28 2,460

    Started by Ross

  • Follow through

    Ross, I have been working on your method and the instruction you gave from my video. My Ball striking has really improved. However, I can't seem to...

    1 144

    Started by barryk

  • Pressure on the ground

    Dear Mr Ross, Could you tell us something concerning the pressure on the ground that you exercise during the swing? Thnx so much for helping us! ...

    9 331

    Started by reneke

  • Hand Position/Distance From Body for a Given Club

    Ross, You mentioned that the hands and arms stay below the shoulders on the golf swing. Is the hand position the same distance from the body for...

    4 1,071

    Started by Michae1_B

  • Just Past Impact - The Truth

    I grabbed a few shots of some golfers at the Masters to show their position just after impact. Most videos I receive from my students who are...

    4 239

    Started by Ross

  • left knee on backswing

    In an attempt to keep 60% or more weight on the left side on the backswing, I have been restricting any motion in my left knee. Conventional theory...

    1 227

    Started by RAM

  • Some hybrid are finicky.

    My Famous Brand hybrids have been a problem for me until I just gave in to the fact that this brand was designed to be hit with the ball in the...

    3 176

    Started by carlgo

  • Feel like Gary Player

    I am new here, playing 45 yr, I am 72 yr. I am 7hdc. I have a stroke and the words to not come out to good. I have due you method for 1 wk. When I...

    3 193

    Started by tacks

  • Finish position

    Could you please discuss "cause and result" of the finish position after completing the golf swing? For example on my better shots the...

    1 202

    Started by twild

  • Hit vertical...

    What I have found with this method is that I do better when that angle between the forearm and club shaft is shallow, which means as vertical a...

    7 872

    Started by carlgo

  • Down the middle

    Thanks Ross. I lost the thread where you suggested some modifications to my swing. You were spot on. On the analyser today I was able to hit...

    5 577

    Started by Peterswont

  • Little Things Make BIG Improvements

    I was having an online Skype lesson with one of my students yesterday and he said, "Ross, I'm hitting the ball a lot better, but it feels so...

    0 694

    Started by Ross

  • Constant Arm Pressure - Golf Swing

    0 873

    Started by Ross

  • Chest

    Hey Ross, Work on keeping the chest still back and through, I think that is really good advice. It follows the theme move less get good.

    1 852

    Started by Dan

  • The Pause - Downswing "Gold"

    I was watching Patrick Reed and noticed (besides him adjusting his front foot on the downswing), that he has a great "pause" in his...

    5 1,432

    Started by Ross

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