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  • Chipping hand position

    Hi Ross, I was watching the pitching videos again and noticed it looks like you have choked up on the wedge... Is that accurate and if so do you...

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    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • 5 Wood setup

    Ross, would this be the same as the 3 Wood? Position the ball and take one step to the right?

    1 38

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • Wrist Hinge

    Ross, At setup there is an initial wrist hinge. I know that with your method we don't consciously add wrist hinge during the swing, but is it...

    3 91

    Started by Anthony225

  • Elbows and Ross Move

    Ross, In regards to bringing the elbows back down in front of the body does the correct unwinding involve bringing the right bent elbow down in...

    5 151

    Started by Anthony225

  • Ross Move Goal

    Ross, One issue I have struggled with is transitioning from the Ross Move drill to an actual swing. Especially transitioning to a full swing where...

    6 107

    Started by Anthony225

  • Left arm straightening

    Hi Ross, My left arm seems bending a little in backswing due to lack of flexibility of my body. How important in your method is this left arm...

    5 93

    Started by Jason2010

  • Arms on Top of Chest

    Since the Ross setup has elbows and arms together on top of the chest, do you feel like the arms stay in front of the chest during the backswing? Is...

    1 75

    Started by Anthony225

  • Gap drill and driver set up

    Hi Ross, Two questions 1. On the gap drill for wedges and short irons do you use this gap just as a drill or is your actual on course shot going to...

    1 87

    Started by Mike4040

  • Trajectory control

    I wonder how you control low or high trajectories in your method. I understand the shaft and left arms should be in line at impact. Should I be...

    1 76

    Started by Jason2010

  • Distance control within 100m

    Hi Ross, I found your lesson superb!!!! During the 20 years of my golf life, I have used my wrists flipping around a ball and tried to find good...

    5 78

    Started by Jason2010

  • 3 iron shots very low

    Ross, I am having difficulty getting height on my 3 iron. It feels like I am making good contact and I can even make a divot after the ball. The ball...

    1 54

    Started by Anthony225

  • Pitch vs. Chip

    Ross, What are some of your thoughts that help you determine when to chip vs. when to pitch? There are some situations where I can't decide...

    16 1,451

    Started by Jimbohaw

  • Tiger and Phil

    Ross, Just wondering - are you going to watch Tiger and Phil at Shadow Creek in November? Also, just thought I’d let you know, I’m playing some...

    3 71

    Started by Dan

  • Upper Left Arm Connection

    Ross, Do you and should I maintain a physical connection between my upper left arm (front arm) and my chest from take away through impact? I've been...

    6 121

    Started by Anthony225

  • Hip socket ball position

    Hello Ross, Just looking for clarification on the ball position. In one of the videos you say play the ball opposite the left hip socket . I get that...

    2 104

    Started by Mike4040

  • Power golfer with fast hips

    Ross, I am 29 I have been a good golfer most of my life 4-7 handicap but have always struggled with inconsistencies. I have good power but have...

    9 276

    Started by joecoz17

  • DON’T Keep Your Head Down

    On a Golf Swing Analysis, I mentioned to one of my students that he was keeping his head down too long and was restricting the downswing. The head...

    2 829

    Started by Student Question

  • Breathing control just before hitting

    Thanks a lot for your tuition via simple video's. Just adding some further thoughts to the swing BREATHING OVER THE BALL BEFORE HITTING . Iam...

    1 114

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • Checking the balance of a new golf ball

    Have you read or know About the balancing of a golf ball ? If so do you know how to perform this type of operation ?. New balls from the major...

    3 86

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • Driver Pushed or Slightly Sliced - Ball Position

    Original email: Hello Ross, I love your golf swing technique my game is much improved. I shot 81 today, but we caught this drive on video and it was...

    0 163

    Started by EmailsToRoss

  • Grip Pressure

    Ross, I've heard you mention using a firm grip pressure but in your grip pressure setup video you recommend a 3 on a scale of 10 grip pressure. Is...

    2 154

    Started by Anthony225

  • Hitting lofted woods

    Struggling hitting lofted hybrid woods on approach to greens....shanking ...miss hitting fats name it I do it with these very lofted...

    5 171

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • 45 Degrees

    Ross, been a Ballard student since my mini tour days. After college I thought to get to the next level I needed to do what the pros were doing. Hal...

    4 143

    Started by ayersjj

  • Back swing

    Ross: in your videos re: takeaway. U say go back until the shoulders finish the turn. Do you suggest lifting to arms even further after the...

    2 134

    Started by sterling

  • Impact Position

    Ross, During the Ross Move you teach to bring the elbows back in front of the body to get into the impact position. Can this also be done by...

    2 96

    Started by Anthony225

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