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  • Putting Grip style

    Hi Ross, Working on your putting setup and was wondering if you prefer or recommend a certain putting grip that works best with the method? It...

    1 28

    Started by Mike4040

  • Matt Kuchar Arm Lock Putting

    Hi Ross, I wanted to get your opinion on this. The more I watch the more I think this might work well with your method. TY Ed

    1 25

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • Tension

    Hi Ross. Most of us have heard that tension is not good for a golf swing. It inhibits fluidity and robs us of power. It seems to me that the act...

    1 55

    Started by DaveP

  • Cameron Champ swing

    Hi Ross, I just watched videos of Cameron Champ, just incredible the distance he is achieving. At impact his wrist appears to be exactly what you...

    4 77

    Started by DRJ

  • Switched to Blades

    Hi Ross, Really improving the contact since following your method. I was using offset irons but took your advise and picked up some Hogan Blades(FT...

    1 56

    Started by Mike4040

  • Rules question

    Hi Ross, Regarding Phil Mickelson’s fiasco today at the US Open, some folks are saying he broke Rule 14-5, some say he broke Rule 1-2, and others...

    2 70

    Started by Dan

  • The Senior Golfer

    Ross, how well do you think your swing adapts to the older player who loses flexibility? I’ve been a member for a few years now, and at age 73...

    4 108

    Started by Larry45

  • Trying to stay the course

    I've used or tried to use your method for 2 rounds and one practice at the range...and so far so good. I find I am struggling with reverting to my...

    1 54

    Started by schmict

  • Progress or ?

    Some "classroom" time please! This is a fascinating but extremely frustrating process. I've gone from "failure to success"...

    5 253

    Started by DaveF

  • Up hill lie

    Do the same principles apply to playing conditions on the fairway when required to use a Fairway Wood or a long iron ...As set out in your video...

    2 77

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • Your Draw and Fade Setup

    Does the same setup apply to all clubs in the bag The Grip and opening /closing of the club face...I use all hybrid clubs through out the bag.....

    2 101

    Started by gazzagtnz

  • Recent Progress

    I thought to share my experience's which I believe have enabled me to overcome my major problem in still having the 'hit' instinct with the...

    12 904

    Started by davew

  • Driver

    Hi Ross, Having success with your method. Your instruction videos are straightforward and easy to follow. I also get a lot of great information...

    1 260

    Started by DaveP

  • How's everybody coming along?'s this going with others in the group? I've come far with my game using Ross' s methods and have told my golf buddies about it. Had an...

    19 1,974

    Started by Richard

  • DST Compressor

    Hi Ross, Have you checked out the DST Compressor golf clubs? If you haven't they're training clubs that seemingly force you to get your hands ahead...

    1 147

    Started by jtgolfer

  • Range vs. Course

    Hi Ross, I have been spending most of my time on the for the last month or so since finding your site and method. I have played twice in that time...

    3 553

    Started by Ed_Blackburn1

  • My Ross Journey

    Hi folks, I am a Ross Method advocate, I thought I'd share some of my ups and downs over the last 18 mths or so. I have been playing more than 50...

    1 673

    Started by smiddy

  • Yips? Easy Fix-No Hands, No Release - Use Fixed Wrists and Body Rotation

    The Yips do not exist with my method... period. The only reason someone yips is because of the hands flipping or helping. The fix: ROTATE AND TRAP...

    3 836

    Started by Ross

  • Weight Transfer

    Just getting into making some changes to simplify my swing and finding the basic set up and swing videos excellent. Just like some clarification of...

    4 505

    Started by tuanton

  • Short game

    Hi Ross I have tried using your methods on my last two rounds and know I am hitting straighter. I have some questions on the short game, however. ...

    2 609

    Started by lucky2

  • still pics

    Hi Ross. I think that still pics of your swing, down the line, and face on would be helpful. Thanks. Ralph Grapentine

    1 514

    Started by lucky2

  • still photos

    Hi Ross. I think posting still pictures of your swing from up and down the line on the site would be helpful. Thanks. Ralph Grapentine

    0 405

    Started by lucky2

  • High Shot

    Hi Ross, When hitting a high pitch with club face open, this dictates a open stance, does the swing path go along your toe line or towards the...

    2 721

    Started by luckyluke

  • Start of downswing

    The start of the downswing (or the trigger) is the turning of the left hip toward the target with powerless arms, correct? What do you think of using...

    4 1,191

    Started by dave

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